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Arrcus @ OCP 2021

Target Retail Edge Transformation with Arrcus

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the retail transformation with many retailers looking to enhance customer delight by providing omnichannel shopping experiences. As digital-originated sales continued to increase, it is critical for large retailers to differentiate themselves with a unified experience across their mobile app, drive-up services, in-store services, and loyalty programs. This session, recorded at OCP Global Summit 2021, walks attendees through how the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform allows large enterprise retailers such as Target Inc. to deploy an extensible fabric from data centers to warehouses to stores and other edge locations without compromising on scale and performance.



The ACE platform eliminates the bottlenecks posed by legacy networking vendors’ limited offerings and restrictive software models and provides enterprise retailers with a programmable and agile edge platform with a highly reliable unified technology stack, allowing to deliver new experiences for customers as business requirements and opportunities evolve.

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Hyperscale performance. Network freedom.

Free yourself from dependence on rigid and bloated legacy OEM vendors so your network can thrive. Only Arrcus delivers the Power of One through the open integration of best-in-class software, hardware, and silicon.

One Simple Network

One simple network

Easy-to-operate software spanning your infrastructure, from routers to switches to servers.

One scalable architecture

One scalable architecture

Engineered for the distributed 5G wave, from the data center to the edge to the multi-cloud.

One seamless experience

One seamless experience

Connecting billions around the world, leveraging 5G to multi-cloud and beyond.